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4 Carat Diamond Price

Many people fancy the idea of becoming a 4-carat diamond ring owner. And there’s no surprise: a diamond of this carat weight is known for numerous outstanding qualities. If cut properly, this stone will sparkle like a shining star on your finger. Moreover, the impressive carat weight cannot remain unnoticeable, wherever you wear it. Who says “No” to an opportunity like that?

But you should always be careful while buying a 4-carat diamond. Once you overlook any of its key parameters, this purchase will turn into a catastrophe.

Price per carat in USD
4 carat diamond i.f. $ vvs1 $ vvs2 $ vs1 $ vs2 $ si1 $ si2 $
D 72905 59563 52892 45744 37167 26684 19060
E 57000 51300 46075 41325 34675 24700 18050
F 50451 45264 41021 36306 31119 22632 16974
G 39858 37011 34639 31792 26572 19929 15659
H 30908 29481 27579 25677 22349 16643 14741
I 23675 22255 20834 19887 17046 14205 12311
J 18681 17723 16286 15328 13891 12454 11017
K 15758 14803 13848 12893 11938 10505 9550
4 carat diamond i.f. vvs1 vvs2 vs1 vs2 si1 si2
D 49556 40026 37644 35261 31926 20966 14772
E 39900 36575 34675 32300 29450 19475 13775
F 36306 33948 32062 29705 25933 17917 12731
G 32266 29419 27521 25623 21827 16608 12337
H 26628 24726 22824 21398 18545 14741 11412
I 19414 17993 17046 16099 14679 12785 10417
J 15807 14849 13891 12933 11975 11017 9580
K 12893 11938 10983 10505 9550 9073 8118
Unfortunately, it’s easy to be caught unaware due to indiscretion. Mainly, there are 2 reasons why finding a good 4-carat diamond ring is a tough task:
  • Any diamond other than 1 and 2 carats is rare,
  • While buying a 4-carat diamond ring, it’s easy to fall victim to price m anipulation.

In the given circumstances, we created this overview to provide you with proper diamond education and prevent you from making a reckless purchase.

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How to choose a 4-carat diamond ring

A top-quality 4-carat diamond ring is a piece of jewelry with a perfect combination of clarity, cut, color, and shape for its carat weight. If you want to check this information by yourself, we recommend reviewing the diamond certificate for the insights. This is the document that always accompanies your diamond ring. We’ll teach you how to read this report and pick the best jewel you can afford.

A diamond certificate is always the primary source of information about the key parameters of a 4-carat diamond ring

Our experts shared all the relevant diamond tips to make your decision on buying a 4-carat diamond ring informed and balanced in this guide. Here, you can see the price range and formation of a 4-carat diamond ring, the best places to get the diamond of this carat weight, the top buying tips, and the most diamond characteristics that affect this stone's quality and cost.

Price of a 4-carat diamond ring

The diamond quality depends on the differences in cut, clarity, and color. That’s why its cost also depends on the variations of cut, clarity, and color. In particular, the price of a 4-carat diamond varies from $10,670 to $105,270 per carat. Even though this range seems too wide to work with, in reality, you can play with these factors for your favor and find the best deal. For example, a diamond of VS1 clarity, G color, and excellent cut will cost around $45,000 per carat. But the price per carat for a 4-carat diamond of VS2 clarity, K color, and the excellent cut is twice lower.

As you can see, the exact cost you’ll pay for such a diamond depends on the cut, color, and clarity grades. The more quality possesses each of these elements, the higher the price per carat you’ll pay for this diamond.

In the end, the carat weight is not an ultimate factor affecting the price of a 4-carat diamond ring. And the real gambling game starts once you take control over the clarity, cut, and color of a diamond and play with their different combinations to get your price per carat. So, think of these diamond elements as three strings you can pull and get a 4-carat diamond cost you’ll like the most.

We’ll teach you here how to play with cut, clarity, and color within a fixed 4-carat weight of a diamond.

4-carat diamonds: Pricing overview

When you think of the carat system, you shouldn’t mistake it with 2 things:

  1. Karat unit. This is not the weight of a diamond but a 1/24 part of the whole gold purity.
  2. Diamond size. Carats indicate size only mediately. On average, a round-shaped 4-carat diamond weighs 10.6mm in diameter. But this calculation is relevant for a diamond with an Excellent cut only.

As you have seen in the previous section, the diamond pricing tables indicate this jewel’s cost in “price per carat” terms. Thus, the cost of diamonds differs from one-carat weight category to another. Feel free to use this information for your benefit.

For example, if you compare a 4-carat diamond with a 3-carat diamond, you won’t feel the dramatic difference in their weight. Since one carat weighs 0.2 grams, a 3-carat diamond weighs 600 milligrams, and a 4-carat diamond weighs 800 milligrams. Thus, their weight on your finger won’t tell the difference — but the diamond price will do.

Each carat weight has different pricing in the price per carat table. Moreover, the cost changes due to supply and demand dynamics.

Always ask a diamond expert to know the real price for a 4-carat diamond ring.

In practice, the price per carat is different for 3-carat and 4-carat diamonds. That’s why you should always check the cost of each diamond individually. Besides, the table where you’re checking the price per carat should be up-to-date because the market changes frequently. Because of this, it’s better to ask a diamond expert directly to get insider information about the chosen carat weight category. A 4-carat diamond can possess more value-for-money than a 3-carat one in the given period, even though this fact is not that predictable and logical.

Because of these fluctuations, the bigger carat number (like 5 and 6) may become preferable if you know when to request such a diamond. However, note that the dynamics of supply and demand significantly change their price per carat too. And so, we recommend checking the news to know the real situation on the diamond market today.

The interesting question is whether to pick a 3.99-carat or a 4-carat diamond. Here, the concept of “magic sizes” of a diamond comes into place. Simultaneously, the practice shows that it’s hard to find a well-cut jewel in the 3.99-carat diamond category. That’s because this search has become very popular these days. Most diamond buyers request “magic sizes” before asking for a 4-carat diamond ring.

That’s why we don’t recommend limiting yourself to the 4-carat diamond category only. Check the prices and availability of 3-carat, 3.99-carat, and 5-carat diamonds first — and then go for an informed decision about the diamond you want.

Where to buy a 4-carat diamond ring

Actually, our clients frequently come to us sharing stories about how they failed to get a good diamond. The reason behind these sad experiences is simple: the majority promises high quality, but not everybody can afford to offer it. Indeed, the real value-for-money has always been the question in a world of diamonds.

To solve the problem, diamond buyers search for higher quality in prestigious stores. Many top jewelry places offer good 4-carat diamonds, including:
  • Bulgari
  • Tiffany & Co.,
  • Cartier,
  • Harry Winston, etc.

However, the greatest problem with these shops is that their diamonds are extremely overpriced. Once you pick a 4-carat diamond ring with a “loud title,” you pay for numerous things beyond the precious stone itself. This markup reduces the attractiveness of such diamonds and makes them affordable for window-shopping only.

And sometimes, you work hard to pay that high price — and still, get disappointed.

We offer here a much wiser approach. From us, you can order exactly the same diamond without that huge financial risk. That’s because we sell all our diamonds for a wholesale price.

The best strategy to buying a 4-carat diamond ring:

Choose the design from a famous brand,

Order a custom-made diamond ring from us for wholesale price!

Get your personalized 4-carat diamond ring from Diamond Registry

Get the diamond of your dreams from us! This way, you’ll not only get the exact 4-carat diamond you wanted but also pay an attractive price for it.

Each 4-carat diamond ring we create is accompanied with the detailed step-by-step explanation of its creation. If you fancy the idea of a tailor-made 4-carat diamond ring, feel free to use our complete jewelry service. We provide our clients with an opportunity to pick any jewelry type and loose diamond to mount. We’re equally professional in creating the classic diamond jewelry and the pieces repeating the currently trending ring designs and diamond shapes.

Be sure: our highly experienced jewelers and diamond experts will guide you by creating a 4-carat diamond ring smoothly and securely. Our latest cutting technology allows creating high-quality 4-carat diamond rings featuring cuts like emerald, cushion, Asscher, and princess in a prong, bezel, and tension settings. We have not only colorless but also fancy colored diamonds — like pink, blue, brown, red, and yellow. Your imagination is the only limit!

4 diamond ring price

Clarity rating for 4-carat diamond rings

In general, clarity is the parameter that detects the blemishes and flaws in a diamond. The grade of clarity consists of several degrees:
  • Internally Flawless (IF) — the diamond clarity of unbeaten perfection,
  • Very very small inclusions (VVS1 and VVS2) — the diamond clarity featuring tiny and hardly noticeable flaws,
  • Very small inclusions (VS1 and VS2) — a diamond that has some inclusions and blemishes the laboratory specialist can spot,
  • Inclusions (I1 and I2) — the diamond clarity with huge visible defects.

To use this information to your advantage, you should know how these clarity grades work in practice. In general, each diamond has internal flaws and blemishes. It’s the natural jewel, and it’s normal to be imperfect if you’re natural. That’s why the notion of “perfect clarity” is a myth — if you manage to find the diamond of IF clarity, it will stop being of this grade once you make a tiny scratch on its surface. That’s why diamond experts recommend saving money on clarity. For a naked eye, the difference between most clarity grades is hard to spot. That means that you can choose VS1 or even VS2 clarity grade confidently.

The wise approach to choosing clarity grade will help you save a fortune on the price per carat. In a 4-carat weight category, the classic pure diamond (or a diamond of IF clarity in Excellent cut) will cost you from $20.900 to $105.270 per carat, depending on the color grade chosen. However, if you reduce the clarity quality to the moderate VS2 grade, you’ll already deal with the range from $15.180 to $47.410 per carat.

In other words, you can buy several diamonds instead of one — and won’t lose anything in their visual appearance.

Don’t be afraid to reduce diamond clarity and color;

Be afraid to reduce the diamond cut

4-carat diamond ring shapes

There’s one diamond element you shouldn’t compromise at any cost: diamond cut. Once you go for anything less than Excellent cut, you lose all the sparkling and brilliance a real diamond has. Don’t make such a fatal mistake: always insist on the top cut quality ever possible. And only after start playing with other factors: namely, clarity, color, and diamond shape.

In jewelry designs, there are several forms the appearance of your 4-carat diamond can take. Of course, you can pick the classic round shape, but you can find a 4-carat diamond ring more attractive in other shapes. Consider all the options before making a final decision.

Here’s the list of the diamond shapes Diamond Registry offers:
  1. Pear diamond shape — due to the impressive carat weight, your diamond will look like a magnificent teardrop in this shape,
  2. Marquise diamond shape — if cut properly, such a diamond will look much bigger than 4 carats. As a lovely bonus, two tapering points at its sides make the finger look elongated,
  3. Oval diamond shape — the perfectly symmetrical oval cut is another great way to enlarge your jewel and elongate your finger visually,
  4. Heart diamond shape — a truly romantic diamond shape that turns your diamond ring into a perfect engagement proposal item,
  5. Asscher diamond shape — a step-cut diamond that looks awesome in a solitaire setting,
  6. Emerald diamond shape — the diamond appearance that needs the flawless combination of clarity and color grades to look impressive.
  7. Radiant diamond shape — such a diamond will have intensified brilliance and larger carat appearance,
  8. Cushion diamond shape — the top requested diamond shape for engagement rings,
  9. Princess diamond shape — the marvelous diamond shape that makes its appearance indeed outstanding.

The choice is all yours! Just pick the option you like the most since the diamond shape does not influence the price per carat.

4 diamond ring price

4-carat diamond ring colors

Diamond color is the cost-changing factor for a 4-carat diamond ring. In essence, this diamond element can have several grades that mean the presence and intensity of yellow or brown tint in its generally colorless appearance.

The range you will deal with is set from D to Z letter, where
  • D, E, F diamond color — the most transparent colorless appearance a diamond can get,
  • G, H, I, J diamond color — a diamond that contains some minor traces of color,
  • K, L, M diamond color — a diamond of faint yellow color. This tint can be easily masked in the yellow gold setting, though,
  • N - Z diamond color — these precious stones contain the traces of other colors that question their “colorless” label.

Similar to the clarity situation, you don’t need to aim at the most colorless appearance a diamond can get. I and J diamond colors are still colorless, making the precious stone look pure and appealing. And the price per carat difference makes compromising some minor color traces even more attractive.

How to get the best value for a 4-carat diamond ring

We Diamond Registry serve the mission of informing you about diamonds, finding the jewel of your dreams, and making its purchase affordable for you. We work hard to help you find a place where we can get the best price for a diamond. That’s why we offer our clients the wholesale price of a 4-carat diamond ring.

Here’s the instruction to calculate the current cost of a 4-carat diamond:
  1. Check our Diamond Price List. Based on the selected color and clarity grade, you will get an accurate price per carat.
  2. Please multiply the number found by 4 to get the price idea of your 4-carat precious stone.
  3. Reach our diamond expert to check the up-to-date diamond prices and get the most accurate evaluation and the insider tips!

Before buying a 4-carat diamond, double-check you get the shape, cut, clarity, and color you like the most. Also, request the diamond certificate to make sure your precious stone possesses all the necessary guarantees, is conflict-free and has the claimed characteristics for real.

4 diamond ring price 1

The great idea is to accompany your 4-carat diamond ring with two 1-carat stones in jewelry design. This way, you’ll get the marvelous appearance of your center diamond with the sparkling maximized. Basically, our general recommendation for any ring with a big diamond is to surround the major jewel with shoulder stones. And a 4-carat diamond ring is not an exception from this rule.

How big is a 4-carat diamond

The approximate size of a 4-carat diamond is about 10.6 millimeters in a round shape.

In other shapes, this indicator differs significantly:
  • Princess cut — 9 mm,
  • Emerald shape — 10.5x7.5 mm,
  • Asscher shape — 9 mm,
  • Marquise shape — 16x8 mm,
  • Oval shape — 13x8.5 mm,
  • Radiant cut — 9.5x8.5 mm,
  • Pear shape — 13.5x9 mm,
  • Heart shape — 10.3 mm,
  • Cushion cut — 10x8.5 mm.

However, note that all these measurements are given for the diamonds with excellent cutting. Once you have a chance to compare the low quality and high quality of cut on the same diamond, you’ll immediately see it dramatically changes the size of a stone. In addition to losing magnificence and sparkle, it makes a jewel smaller (if deep) or bigger (if shallow) than needed.

A round-shaped 4-carat diamond in Excellent cut is around 10.6 millimeters in size

Here are the diamond parameters that indicate the most accurate cut (and so, show that the measurements in millimeters above are relevant):
  • Table — 54-57%,
  • Depth — 61-62.5%,
  • Crown angle — 34-35°,
  • Pavilion angle — 40.6-41°,
  • Lower girdles — 75-80%,
  • Star facets — 50-55%.

However, such meticulous calculations are rarely available to you in the jewelry store. In this case, the wide public has a more disposable source of information: the GIA diamond certificate. In this document, you can see the exact diamond cut grade that summarizes the above-mentioned measurements done in the laboratory.

How to order a 4-carat diamond from Diamond Registry

Send us the request and get today's wholesale price for any type of a 4-carat diamond ring you’re looking for. Our diamond expert will reach the global network of diamond wholesalers and cutters and get your diamond at the most attractive price on the diamond market. Then, we’ll contact you to discuss further details and negotiate all the questions. With this combination of top pricing, expertise, and accuracy, you’ll get the perfect 4-carat diamond ring for sure.

We offer several examples of diamond sizes from 4 to 5 carat of different shapes. Check them below to get the idea of what we can offer you too. We’re looking forward to meeting you in the Diamond Registry office!

Diamond Jewellery we helped our clients to design & buy at wholesale price

diamond 4 carat heart 3
diamond 4 carat heart
diamond 4 carat heart 2
Other info:EX EX F
Price:74 370$
I Want a Similar Ring
diamond 4 carat princess 2
diamond 4 carat princess
diamond 4 carat princess 3
Other info:EX VG N
Price:30 550$
I Want a Similar Ring
diamond 4 carat radiant
diamond 4 carat radiant 1
diamond 4 carat radiant 2
Other info:VG G F
Price:68 170$
I Want a Similar Ring
diamond 4 carat oval
diamond 4 carat oval 1
diamond 4 carat oval 2
Other info:EX EX N
Price:44 100$
I Want a Similar Ring
diamond 4 carat round
diamond 4 carat round 1
Other info:EX EX EX N
Price:48 175$
I Want a Similar Ring
diamond 4 carat pear
diamond 4 carat pear 1
Other info:G G F
Price:41 633$
I Want a Similar Ring
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