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7 Best Camera Glasses in 2023 (Reviews & Short Buying Guide)

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The best camera glasses let you take quality videos and photos while making you look good. You can take fantastic point-of-view videos without using your hands. Or you can shoot natural photos without people pulling awkward poses.

We have compiled the best-quality options with easy-to-use features. You want ample storage, decent battery life, and a comfortable fit. Our top choice is Snapchat’s Spectacles 3. It has excellent 3D photo and video features, a rechargeable charging case, and stylish options.

Snapchat Spectacles 3
Snapchat Spectacles 3
Capture life’s moments in stunning HD with these stylish camera glasses. They’re perfect for easily capturing memories on the go.

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What Are the Best Camera Glasses?

Camera glasses are wearable devices designed to capture candid photos and videos from a first-person perspective. They are also known as “smart glasses” or “video glasses.”

These glasses typically have a camera embedded in the frame or lens. And they are often paired with a mobile app that allows users to view and share the footage. The best camera glasses combine good specs with usability and stylish designs.

Here’s a quick roundup table of our top seven choices. You can jump to our buying guide at the end for more help on what features to look for.

Camera Glasses Name
Why We Love It
Buy From
Snapchat Spectacles 3
Our Top Choice
  • 3D photos and videos captured at 60 fps
  • 3D effects and 3D viewing for creative reimagining
  • Built-in mics for excellent audio
  • Rechargeable on-the-go charging case
  • Share moments on Snapchat or export elsewhere
Ray-Ban Stories
Most Stylish
  • Polarized lenses for clarity
  • Hyper-responsive touchpad
  • Built-in speakers for sound and voice control
  • Compact, portable charging case
  • Facebook View app to share stories and images
Sheawasy Camera Glasses
Best Value
  • 1080p HD recording at 30 fps
  • Discrete lens on the left side of the glasses
  • Eye-level shot for hands-free recording
  • Easy to use with 50-60 minute recording time
  • Supports up to 64 GB TF card (not included)
Snapchat Spectacles 2
Great for Social Media
  • Point-of-view HD video and photos
  • Record and sync up to 70 videos in one charge
  • Includes a 4x on-the-go charging case
  • Export media or share it with Snapchat
  • Water resistant for pool parties and snow days
OhO 4K Ultra HD Camera Glasses
Best Video Quality
  • 4K Ultra HD video and image stabilization
  • One-touch button operation
  • Video recording during charging
  • Impact-resistant lenses and frame
  • Waterproof feature (IP33 level protection)
Kamre Sunglasses Camera
Best for Sports
  • Full HD 1080p video resolution
  • 65° wide-angle view
  • Easy 1-key operation
  • UV protection and durable rubber material
  • Stylish sunglasses design
OhO Camera Ski Goggles
Best for the Ski Slopes
  • 4K Ultra HD video an live streaming with audio
  • 24 MP images and easy two-button operation
  • Helmet compatible for comfort
  • Impact resistant frame for harsh conditions
  • Full UV protection and anti-fog

7 Best Camera Glasses

Read below to find out more about each product in depth.

1. Snapchat’s Spectacles 3

Snapchat Spectacles 3
Brand Snapchat
Sensor Resolution 5 MP
Video HD at 60 fps
Field of View 2D at 105 degrees, 3D at 86 degrees
Different Styles Available Yes
Other Key Features Wireless quick-charging case, built-in mics, microSD compatible, 3D video filters
Best For Saving memorable video and 3D moments with your friends and family

Our top choice is Snapchat’s Spectacles 3. These are by far the most comprehensive camera glasses on the market today. It has two cameras and four microphones built into the frames.

The biggest advantage of having two cameras is that you can take 3D photos and videos! It also has a 3D viewing box to view your 3D pictures and video.

They don’t have the best image quality. But they do provide a range of extra features. The camera glasses can take images up to 5 MP.

And you can record video in HD up to 60 fps (frames per second)! This is the fastest frame rate for video on our list.

A unique feature is that Snapchat has filters you can apply in AR (Augmented Reality) thanks to the 3D video. This makes fun, creative videos easy to share on social media.

Another huge advantage of these camera glasses is that you can wirelessly share videos to your smart device through the Snapchat app. Here, you can edit the pictures and videos and apply your filters.

You can also export them to other applications or your computer. And another great feature is that the glasses case charges your camera glasses on the go!

Spectacles 3 are perfect for casual photographers who want to create fun images and videos for social media. They work great for travel photography, vlogging, or street photography with your friends!


2. Ray-Ban Stories

Ray-Ban Stories
Brand Ray-Ban
Sensor Resolution 5 MP
Video 1414 x 1414 pixels at 30 fps
Field of View 105 degrees
Different Styles Available Yes
Other Key Features Polarized sunglasses, built-in speakers, voice control
Best For People who want stylish, high-quality sunglasses to share images and video

Ray-Ban Stories is a designer response to the camera glasses trend. The sleek and popular designs of their shades make the price point worth it, as they also function as excellent sunglasses.

These are one of the most discrete camera glasses on the list. Ray-Ban has not gone out of its way to disguise the cameras. And they blend into the frames seamlessly.

These camera glasses have a similar image quality to the Snapchat Spectacles 3. It can take images with its 5 MP cameras and capture HD video. But the video in the Ray-Ban Stories only captures footage at 30 fps.

A feature that the Spectacles 3 doesn’t include is two speakers built into the frames. These speakers allow you to communicate with your camera glasses. So you can pick up calls, send messages, and pause and play music.

And these glasses are connected to Meta. So the Facebook View app lets you manage your photos and share them on Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

This also provides a well-designed platform to edit and sort your photos and videos. Plus, you can do this all wirelessly without taking your glasses off your head!

These Stories camera glasses are for people who want to take photos easily while looking as cool and casual as possible. A huge advantage of getting these is that they are high-quality sunglasses.

You get polarized lenses. Unfortunately, you can’t put in prescription lenses if needed. This will invalidate the warranty.


3. Sheawasy Camera Glasses

Sheawasy Camera Glasses
Brand Sheawasy
Sensor Resolution Unspecified
Video 1080p at 30 fps
Field of View 70 degrees
Different Styles Available No
Other Key Features Discrete lens, compatible with tiny flash (TF) memory cards
Best For People who want affordable camera glasses

The Sheawasy camera glasses are the best budget option available on our list. But they don’t provide any protection in the form of sunglasses. So they are suited just for photographic purposes.

You can shoot images and Full HD 1080p video at 30 fps. And buttons on the side of the camera glasses operate them. The video and image quality aren’t bad for such a small camera. But you don’t expect to get Full HD video like a smartphone.

The biggest selling point of these camera glasses is the discrete camera. It is not completely invisible. So it wouldn’t work flawlessly as a spy camera. But if you were walking past someone casually on the street, it would be hard to notice.

These camera lasses by Sheawasy are perfect for anyone who wants to take casual videos without using their hands. And thanks to their discrete camera lenses, you could use them for simple surveillance.

This makes them perfect for people who want to capture events from a point-of-view (POV) angle. They would also work for private investigators out on location.

These camera glasses use a “tiny flash” memory card to store images and videos. (A TF memory card up to 64 GB, sold separately.) It is easy to put in and remove the TF card. But you may need tweezers to handle them best.


4. Snapchat Spectacles 2

Snapchat Spectacles 2
Brand Snapchat
Sensor Resolution 2 MP
Video 1216 x 1216 pixels at 60 fps
Field of View 105 degrees
Different Styles Available Yes
Other Key Features Water resistant, great connectivity to your smartphone device
Best For Capturing and sharing quick, short videos

Snapchat Spectacles 2 also places on our list thanks to its great usability. They are for people who like the idea of the Spectacles 3 but won’t use the 3D function. So there is only one camera on this second version.

The other camera slot is filled with an LED light that tells others when you’re taking a photo or video. You may also want these glasses as they will sell at a reduced price. But they may still be expensive for some.

When the camera glasses were first released, one of their biggest features was their water resistance. This completely changes the dynamic of camera glasses being used for holidays. You can now follow your friends into the pool or the sea!

But I would only trust them for a short time in shallow water. Look at these waterproof underwater cameras instead if you’re looking for a more substantial device to use in the water.

And compared to the first version of Spectacles, Snapchat has added many features that help the user’s experience. First off, the camera glasses are much more comfortable.

Plus, you can now take images as well as videos. And the upload time to your Snapchat app is also a lot faster.

The Spectacles 2 by Snapchat are for the casual photographer or memory taker who wants something simpler than the 3D abilities of the newest model. They are perfect for travel photography and taking candid photos and videos of your friends!


5. OhO 4K Ultra HD Camera Glasses

OhO 4K Ultra HD Camera Glasses
Brand Oho
Sensor Resolution 6 MP
Video 4K Ultra HD at 24 fps
Field of View 70 degrees
Different Styles Available No
Other Key Features Image stabilization, waterproof, impact-resistant, one-touch operation, record when charging
Best For Recording high-quality adventure videos

Next, we look at the Oho Sunshine 4K camera glasses. These have the best video quality on our list. You can take 4K Ultra HD video at 24 fps or Full HD at 60 fps. You can also take photos with the 6 MP camera.

The camera glasses save your files directly onto the device. So you can’t swap out a memory card for more space. Instead, Oho offers a few different versions with different memory storage sizes. This includes 32, 64, 128, and 256 GB options.

One of my favorite aspects of these camera glasses is their image stabilization. It is not incredibly capable. But any image stabilizer on camera glasses is a welcome feature. And your footage looks smooth when you’re walking while taking a video.

They are waterproof. But it’s recommended they not go into any water. So again, don’t use them for fully underwater shooting.

These 4K camera glasses by Oho sunshine produce smooth footage for camera glasses. The mic isn’t amazing, especially in the wind. And another downside is its lenses won’t protect you from the sun. But luckily, you can change the lenses easily.

I suggest these glasses to anyone who wants the highest image quality but doesn’t mind dealing with tricky accessibility. You must upload your footage each time and change a TXT file to edit the settings.


6. Kamre Sunglasses Camera

Kamre Sunglasses Camera
Brand Kamre
Sensor Resolution None
Video 1080p at 30 fps
Field of View 65 degrees
Different Styles Available No
Other Key Features UV protection, microSD card compatible
Best For Sports enthusiasts who want to easily record video

The Kamre camera sunglasses come in a distinct style that some users may be looking for. The most noticeable feature is that they shoot video in Full HD. But because they have a one-button system, you can only take videos.

It is a minor issue, as you can take screen captures of your video. But the image quality will be fairly poor.

These glasses feature the camera directly in the center. So you must be careful about how the glasses sit on your face. The camera could end up pointing down toward the ground.

These camera glasses take microSD cards. This is handy as it is a well-known memory card that most people are used to dealing with.

The one issue with this is that the device only allows up to 32 GB of memory. So it won’t allow you to record for prolonged periods.

These camera sunglasses by Kamre are tailored for action shots or sports. And it performs well in this area for camera glasses. But if you really want the best action footage, I suggest picking up an old GoPro like the GoPro8 instead.

Overall, these glasses are available for a reasonable price. But you can find a better hands-free action camera for sports. And like other options, you have to change settings through a TXT file on a computer.


7. OhO Camera Ski Goggles

OhO Camera Ski Goggles
Brand Oho
Sensor Resolution 24 MP
Video 4K at 30 fps, 720p at 120 fps
Field of View 70 degrees
Different Styles Available Yes
Other Key Features 4K live stream, microSD card compatible, UV protection, anti-fog, impact resistant, Wi-Fi
Best For Skiers or snowboarders

These last pair of camera glasses on our list are pretty niche. They are the OhO camera ski goggles. These camera glasses are designed for the ski slopes to capture first-person 24 MP shots in the cold and snow.

They can live stream 4K and capture 4K video at 24 fps and 720p footage at 120 fps. You get two buttons, one for video and one for photos. And you can get images up to 24 MP with these camera goggles!

These camera glasses are specifically designed for adventurous downhill situations. Oho has taken this seriously and has spent a lot of time developing rugged and impact-resistant frames.

Another point they have considered is comfort. These glasses can be worn all day. And they will also fit all sizes of headwear, from a beanie to a helmet.

The camera ski goggles by Oho are a good pair of camera glasses. But they have their downsides. First off, price. It can be a turn-off as it is a similar price to some of the higher-end GoPro cameras!

And the image quality and usability are far better on a GoPro. So consider investing in one of those instead if you want an action camera.

The other point to consider is its settings accessibility. It doesn’t provide quick changes. You have to pre-set your settings on your computer using a TXT file. So it can be a bit complicated for some.


Camera Glasses Buyers Guide (FAQs)

We answer a few common questions to help you choose the best camera glasses.

Is It Easy to Operate Camera Glasses?

Yes, most camera glasses feature a simple button to press for video or photos.

But an issue that some camera glasses have is that it is hard to tell whether you are taking a video while recording. You might have to double-check this once you have pressed the record button.

A man in a jean shirt and T-shhirt wearing Ray-ban camera glasses
Stylish Ray-Ban Stories camera glasses

What Do I Need to Look for When Buying Camera Glasses?

Three big factors to consider are video and image quality and style. You will not want to shoot videos and photos that aren’t good quality. And you won’t want to wear glasses that don’t look good!

You also want to look at storage, connectivity, ease of use, charging, and battery life. And from an aesthetic and usability point of view, you want to look for comfort, design, and durability.

Look through our list for the best camera glasses matching your needs and style!

What Kind of Battery Life Do Camera Glasses Have?

Camera glasses currently have a poor battery life as they are quite small devices. You should expect the glasses to have one to two hours of battery life.

Many camera glasses on the market come with a case that charges your camera glasses on the go. This is a great solution to a major issue with camera glasses.


Conclusion: The Best Camera Glasses

The Snapchat Spectacles 3 are the best camera glasses on the market. They offer a sleek design, high-quality photos and videos, and a comfortable fit. Plus, they have an extended battery life and water resistance. So these glasses are perfect for outdoor activities.

They also have plenty of features that make them stand out. This includes dual-camera support, hands-free activation, and a variety of colors. For those looking for a great pair of camera glasses, these are an excellent choice.

Snapchat Spectacles 3
Snapchat Spectacles 3
Capture life’s moments in stunning HD with these stylish camera glasses. They’re perfect for easily capturing memories on the go.
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